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At Ouse, we believe the World is our HOuse. We embody a sustainable economy not driven by conspicuous consumption but by other values based on craftsmanship, altruism, economic equality, and ecological responsibility. Implementing strong ethics around sustainability and inclusivity is the bare minimum we believe brands should uphold in the world today. 

In every aspect of our design and production, we strive to apply principles of sustainability and transparency. While we acknowledge that calling ourselves entirely sustainable would be at odds with the overall production of contemporary fashion, Ouse World believes true sustainability is imperative in both design & material decisions.

Design - Our inherent signature garment system defined by flexibility, function & comfort enables our products to not only fit every body but also extend beyond seasons. Our pieces morph between sizes and can transform from one function to another, to increase use and longevity. We aim to design pieces that are size-flexible to represent and house every beautiful body, no matter the size or shape.
Materials - We employ materials and methods that are regenerative and gentle on the environment. All of our products are made from recycled and dead-stock materials that are sourced locally in Sydney, Australia. These fabrics are thoroughly sourced to be OEKO-TEX approved and certified.

    Ouse World is proudly made and designed in Australia, which drives our desire to support local industry and protect the beautiful country we’re so lucky to call home. We are a slow fashion brand that designs high-quality products with intent and purpose, manufacturing no more or less than is needed. By working with local artisans and manufacturers who still use traditional craft and manufacturing methods, we maintain a symbiotic relationship with the community to ensure that our craft and heritage lives on.